Thursday, December 28, 2006

i've gotta start posting more regularly again

..or i'll start losing what few readers i have left... so i'm back in nelson again, have been for a week already & as such have almost gotten used to being back out here so there won't be much in the way of yummy, yummy angst to amuse y'all with...

but here's some notable things:

- the closest i got to chemical excitement (asides from pot, of course; this is b.c.) was a slightly chewed tab of e a friend gave me. that's right. one. single. happy pill. no ketamine, no acid, nothing.

- pickled baby crabs taste almost as bad as raw fish eggs; jellied pig's blood is awesome, though, like salty, slightly gritty jello.

- r.i.p., my counterfeit handicapped bus pass, you've served me well.

[L, if you're still reading this, will you make me another one when you get back?]

- christmas rush & muzak at malls is likely the one thing i don't miss about city life.

- i got back to nelson a day early & came home hungry, exhausted, & horny to a houseful of random people & ended up chasing everyone but my boyfriend out with a switchblade. but not until after i got fed a shitwhack of beer & 'shrooms.

- i managed to find 2 twenty dollar bills on the street between christmas eve & boxing day.

- i still don't have any chartreuse.


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