Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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At 8:38 p.m., November 29, 2007, Blogger J said...


I just got your message on my blog which I haven't touched in like 2 years. Once I finish that thesis, it's gonna make a come back.

He took his blog off the internet because he was dating the new girl and she discovered it and was pissed/hurt at how much personal information about her that he had divulged... and rightfully so. They ran off and got married and I've barely heard from him since.

Are you still drinking across Canada? I may go to Edmonton, AB in the next four months with my job.

At 8:05 a.m., November 30, 2007, Blogger malachi trizec said...


ironically, i too have more or less settled down & am currently living quite happily in vancouver with my formerly-drug-dealing boyfriend & since i want to be around for the mad chaos that'll be the 2010 olympics, i likely won't be doing any major travelling any time soon...still rocking the dumpster-diving, cheese-stealing, alchoholicious lifestyle though.

so if you're ever in vancouver...


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