Monday, February 16, 2009

so now i've been doing the office furniture in the vancouver convention center expansion (yes, the overbudget, for the olympics, most-people-won't-get-to-set-foot-inside-the-place-even-though-their-taxes-helped-pay-for-it one) for the past few weeks, working for the guys i worked for before my most recent gig because they're enormously busy all of a sudden.

[lots of 'f's & 't's in that sentence...]

& the reason i'm mentioning that, asides from keeping my hypothetical audience updated, is that the boyfriend & i struck up a deal wherein he shaves his winter beard off a month early(it made the bottom half of his face look like a crotch) if i stop wearing my disintergrating leather with holes where the pockets used to be & now i'm stuck wearing a black velvet frock-coat to a construction site; i end up taking it off, turning it inside-out, folding it up & putting it in my bag the moment i'm on site, & then freezing my ass off during coffee breaks.

being right on the waterfront doesn't help either. i had my salad blow away one time...

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