Friday, December 28, 2007

post-x mas carnage report:

dec 23rd -- got really drunk while out visiting friends but i still had enough manners to vomit in my fedora as opposed to on the people on the bus; my hat turned out to be leaky so we still got kicked off the bus & had to walk/stagger to the grocery store to do the last of the christmas dinner-shopping...the boyfriend & i somehow managed to catch a cab back home. i have no recollection of it.

dec 24th - 25th -- woke up at 7am to start cooking, yours truly had multiple mini-freakouts because it was my first official 'proper' christmas. i was also hungover until about 2pm.

a ship of meat!!!
this is what christmas dinner looks like if one's dating a rabid carnivore who also happens to be: a professional chef, intoxicated, & obsessed with pirates. it's a deboned turkey (covered with bacon), stuffed with stuffing, on top of a 'hull' consisting of several racks of ribs (larded with strips of bacon & slow-cooked in bacon grease), on a 'sea' of mashed potatos & yams (covered in cheese). i was supposed to make the sails out of puff pastry, but we forgot to get flour the night before.

people started arriving around 5-ish, the booze started flowing tsunami-like, as opposed to merely torrentially when it was just the 2 of us. the party itself? you know, the usual blah, blah, drugs, yadda yadda, antics; presents got randomly handed out & opened around 1 in the morning & the rest of the party was spent wading through drifts of paper, trying to not step on those who'd crashed out & was semiburied by blankets & giftwrap.

all but a few went home to fall down & recover around x mas midafternoon.

the wreckage

dec 26th -- those of us still standing went to see 'aliens vs. predator 2' before disbanding. i had nightmares about meat all night.

yesterday -- spent comatose.

today -- i'm typing this after i had to pull a shit-encrusted piece of feather boa out of my cat's anus.