Monday, December 01, 2008


had the runs all week...too much beer & not enough other vegetables, i guess.

smoked crack cocaine for the first time about 2 months ago; only did it once since. i liked its high better than the one coke gives me: i got the same hyped-up/jumped-up giddy feeling but without the paranoia & numbness. tastes better than meth too.

harvested many bucketfuls of tomatoes (cherrys, beefsteaks, & smoky purple ones) & a big bowl of chillies (serranos, cayennes, jalapenos, & little purple ones. the habanero didn't grow) from the garden, spent august-september (i'm 23 now, by the way) putting tomatoes into everything to use them up. all that's left now is the herb garden; planted some tulips under the fig tree. red, striped, & dark purple ones.

it's december & the grass is still green outside. that will never stop disturbing me...

work is going ok, got a steady job building office furniture some months ago -- there's still a lot for me to learn so i'm not bored yet -- i'm getting strong for someone my size, calluses on my hands & bruises on my legs. the only aspect of my life i don't lie to my parents about since moving out & they still freak out about it.

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