Monday, September 18, 2006

tomorrow is international talk like a pirate day...i will, however, deliver a solid boot to the nuts of any scurvy dog who dares to direct so much as a single "yo ho" in my general direction.

also, i have no more chartreuse. again.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

let's do the time warp agaiin...

two years & 361 posts later & this blog has documented enough strange shit to cause some to doubt my existence as a non-fictional character...leaving home, a travel-cured flirtation with suicidal alcoholism, my introduction to an alphabet of chemicals & sex acts, 'finding myself' through random art & sluttiness, & now doing the whole Responsible-ish Adult thing in a nowhere town with the man i intend to spend at least the next big chunk of my life with...

well, on with the soap opera then, eh?

- we both got kicked out of our previous squat by the psychotic landlady & as a result, we've set up camp (literally, like with tarps & a tent) at the official town campgrounds for $20 a day, including electricity; it's pretty sweet but we're still having trouble renting a place with actual frikkin' walls.

- got shafted from my dishwashing gig because the boss' son's girlfriend wanted her old job back. happy happy joy joy. hooray for small town politics.

- finally got around to exploring castlegar, an even smaller redneck town about an hour's bus ride from nelson, yesterday. its only redeeming quality was that the liquor store there had i blew 36 bucks on a bottle -- please let it last a while.

- three more days & i'm old enough to legally drink in the states!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

stupid just like you

in case you saw the word 'erratum' & decided to skip reading this blog... i don't know what an 'erratum' is. really, i don't. trust me, i'm stupid; i watch reality tv & confuse it with reality.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


if the sidebar still says 'genital' in the spot that shows my location, it's a mistake, 'cuz you see, in the user profiles thingie, the category for that was called "region" -- so i typed "genital" in for a joke ("genital region," get it?). well, i actually live in ontario. though there is a place in mexico called "chihuahua".

greetings & salutations, fellow earthlings! my first post


you know, i even feel weird talking on the phone: i can't get rid of the feeling that i'm standing in an empty room shouting into a plastic box of wires and shit. so why am i doing this? i have no idea. probably just because i've never done this before. that's how i start doing things most of the time (i've made chain-mail & mead, though i've yet to start on learning gaelic or knife throwing...soon, though).

so, some stuff on my life, right? that's how these normally go?

[heh. i just changed the date to 2 years later. pretty spiffy, no? (relax. i never say "spiffy" unironically in real life)]

this week was the first week of school -- and i actually welcomed it, 'cuz, you see, i go to an 'alternative' high school where the teachers are called by their first names, the students are encouraged to question things, & it's fine if you're gay or political or whatever. a big departure from my old school where there were cameras in the halls, uniforms & all that crap (sorry about the scatalogical obcenities; i'll try to be more creative next time)
. the last straw was when i had to toss my uniform pants into a slush puddle so i could have proof after i'd lied to the principal that i got splashed-by-a-passing-truck-while-standing-innocently-by-the-curb-ma'am. to be fair, there were some good times too -- i got to perform a speech on the overuse & abuse of the word 'fuck' (where i said it about 20 times in 5 minutes). but now, i'm in paradise (or whatever one calls it when one is too skeptical to be religious).

this semester i'm doing poetry & drama, philosophy, sculpture, french, & chemistry. it promises to be intresting...

i tire of this. more later, if i remember.


am i supposed to have "perfect" spelling/grammar when blogging? please enlighten me (how's about words with more than 3 syllables?).

Friday, September 08, 2006


still in nelson, still desperately missing civilisation...we're gonna give it 6 months before deciding whether or not to move back home to vancouver.

i'd been half-jokingly referring to the valley that nelson's in as "the valley of death," only to find out today that the natives used to call this place 'the valley of lost souls' -- not sure if that's a good thing or not. employed but still homeless & couchsurfing; nearly all the places in our price range won't rent to us for some reason, soup kitchen food is getting more & more disgusting by the day, & i think i'm going through tuna roll withdrawal...