Sunday, June 27, 2010

mass upheavals

changes...let's see...

-broke up with boyfriend of 4-plus years late last month; things were rapidly going downhill, so i left before we could no longer remain friends. (see, if i blogged more often, this would be an impassioned play-by-play of emotional torment that y'all could experience vicariously -- lots more amusing.)

-moved out: i now have a private room w/balcony & a throughly normal, gay-ish roommate who is starting to realize i may not be the 'moderate drinker' i said i was.

-school, ironically, is the only thing keeping me sane & coordinated right now. i was probably the only person in my class who liked the month we had to do of butchery...i even got to take home & cook lamb brains (lots of work, doesn't taste like much) because i requested a head-on lamb to work with.

- i got 3 people to taste my brains.

- currently a week into a month's worth of learning how to wait tables in a formal dining room setting. i have to wear a blouse. and a bra. it doesn't help that i have no manners or social graces: i keep calling people 'you guys' & forgetting to use my side towel. haven't broken any glassware yet.

-i am most definitely not front of house material.

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