Wednesday, October 31, 2007

give me whiskey or give me death. preferably whiskey.

this is a header.

this is where something witty wiil eventually go & you will shower me with accolades for it because it is so damn clever.

not now though, because i'm too sober to be clever.

Friday, October 19, 2007

alt. productivity

spent the whole of wednesday on crystal meth, & all of yesterday recovering from it... & yes, before you guys say anything, i know the shit's bad for you; it was a calculated one-time-only go at it, done in the company of people i trust, just so that i know what it feels like.

strange thing about it is, you don't even notice the high it self much -- you're just extraordinarily motivated, focused & hyper-aware: lot's of stuff gets done -- you don't get any visuals or any significant mood changes, it's the day after that you feel completely exhausted & kinda sorta realize that hey, you forgot to do simple things like eat or shower or sleep...

like i said, it's not something i'm gonna go out & get addicted to.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

well, that was quick...

found a new place already, just waiting to move in. it doesn't have much of a view or a kickass window big enough for 2 people to sit in -- nor is it directly above a bar -- like the old place in nelson did, but it is close enough to the skytrain that sneaking on & going downtown/wherever is no big deal, & at $670 & twice the size, it's about as close to spiffy as one can get in vancouver right now. gotta do something about the mustard-colored paintjob, though.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

back in vancouver

...& looking for affordable housing that isn't a slumhole or an hour commute to anywhere interesting sucks balls.

missing the boyfriend & my cat ('cause they, along with most of my stuff, are still in nelson waiting for me to find a place first) , seems like i've degenerated into a whole 'nother realm of cliched turmoil, doesn't it?

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